Dog grooming and Instruction

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Professional Dog Grooming in Peterborough

Our dog grooming services are available for all sizes and breeds on weekdays by appointment. We only use shampoo for sensitive skin and we can accommodate special needs dogs. Grooming includes shampoo, cut, nail trimming, ear and teeth cleaning, and anal gland clearing.

Our Grooming Appointment drop offs are  Monday to Friday 8 to 10am Please understand that we would love to accommodate all special times and dates but we do have daycare and training going on as well.

If we only see your dog occasionally and consistently their coat is in poor condition; there will be an additional charge.

Please make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.  We are extremely busy and are booking a week or sometimes two ahead, sometimes even 3…sigh…So make sure you book when leaving from your appointment.  Booking 6 or 8 weeks on a schedule can significantly reduce costs and trauma to your dog.  This reduces hotspots, matted hair and we can spot ticks, fleas etc to allow a quicker healing time.

Small Dogs
Medium Dogs
$35 to $45
Large Dogs
$45 and up


Pawdicures  includes nail polish on your already clipped nails $5


Blueberry Facials get rid of unsightly tear stains $5

Crowns and/or neckties if desired $5

neck ties

Dog Fur Painting Designs $5

The Quickie bath,nails foot and face shaping $15

Call 705-243-9692, send email to, or request an appointment online.

Prices can vary depending on special requirements, including matting and behaviour.




These classes will not make you a dog groomer but these will tell you if it’s the job for you.

Must bring your own dog to work with…

Dog can have short hair or long


You can take one class or take them all.

Class 1 July 26th   Proper Bathing and Combing Techniques $100

Drying and Equipment

Class 2 August 2       Nails, Feet and different Breeds $100

Class 3 August 9th       Different Coats and styles $100

Class 4 August 16th                  Faces $100

Class 5 August 23rd               Finishing $100

Class 6 August 30th            From beginning to end $100

Option to continue in full apprenticeship may be available to qualified students for an additional $1000 fee.

This fee allows apprenticeship with groomers and grooming various dogs in a groomers salon and will continue until apprentice is comfortable grooming on his/her own.  These apprenticeships are not government recognized but private education.