So you want to be a dog groomer…

So you want to be a groomer.


You’ve been working in your current position for some time now, gotten the education; spent the time to get where you are. Now you have come to the conclusions that you are not fulfilled and animals is where is to feel that fulfillment. Now to narrow it down. Becoming a vet…too much education. You definitely don’t want to start completely over again for the 8 plus years it might take. Vet tech? You have to go away for that and its 3 years. Not too many readily available jobs either. Hmmmm…..well you want to work in the business. Dog training is a hard business to break into. You actually have to know how to do it and looking at your ball of fluff chewing your shoes might not be a good representation of your training skills. Well, how bout a dog grooming. You have hair. You brush it, comb it, wash it, dye it…do other strange rituals that make it all come together. Why not a dog. You love dogs. You want to make them feel pretty. Dog Groomer it is.


There is also the other side of the coin in dog grooming. Its very hard work. You are working on your feet for at least 6 to 10 hours, depending on the client. You are lifting anywhere from 3lb dogs to 200 lbs…sometimes by yourself. Sometimes you become creative. Dogs are their clients babies. So they don’t believe that their darling bites, snots, poops, constantly moves and that their hair is matted. Its always a big surprise that the dog you haven’t seen in 6 months, hasn’t been combed or trained has to be shaved right down. Huge surprise. Lots of WHaaaats? Can’t you just go around the matts. I like it fluffy. So make sure you research your reasoning. Hotspots, injuries, infection, bugs. Etc. Starting over. Blah blah.


Now. How do I become a dog Groomer. Google helps. You Tube. Very helpful. There is even videos on how to groom certain dogs. Ok. Equipment. Lets spend $400 and get some stuff. Don’t know what stuff but hey.  I can do this its easy.  Tried…drastically fail.  Lets hope your pet didn’t get cut requiring a vet visit.


Well on Google to become a dog groomer there are courses. These courses are intensive but very cool if its your passion. They are also 4200 base tuition for each 10 week program. There are 2 programs. Part 1 gets you going. You can groom a dog in 10 weeks….Part 2 does more specialized stuff and how to open your own salon. So 8400 to take a course for 20 weeks. Why? Its Private Education Guys. You don’t have the skills they do. They also charge $1200 for equipment.


If you don’t want to go back to a school program you can apprentice with an already established groomer. Now don’t take it too personally when an already established groomer doesn’t rush to your phone call or email to talk to you about becoming a groomer. They’ve spent how many years perfecting their craft. They’ve established a clientele. So when you say ok I want to become a groomer. Will you teach me? And They say “ Do you have any grooming experience?” Do not say well I have a dog and I love dogs.   Seriously don’t say it. Love has nothing to do with Dog Grooming. You love your job and its an art form. But its hard work, hot work. Delicate work. Bad stuff happens. You can get bit, infections, fleas you name it. You also have to learn to communicate with the dogs owners. In other words in some cases read their minds. Sometimes you do a crappy job, b/c your hands hurt or the dog was just not in the mood that day. You have to still suck it up. Busting pustules. A Dog can get hurt, cut, burned and fall. You feel horrible.


So when said groomer that you want to train with says, ok I will take time out of my busy schedule, business and train you but its going to cost you something. Might be $1000 might be more. And you will have to sign a contract not to take clients, open your own salon within so many kilometers and guess what? You will have to volunteer for a time. Not get paid. For however long it takes you too learn. 3 to 6 months not unreasonable.


Don’t forget you need them not the other way around. They already know how to groom and have an established clientele. They also have a job in the industry you are desperately trying to break into. You have to pay your dues.


Still wanna be a dog groomer?

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